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Sustainability and SDGs

Good Health

Good health and well-being

By reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and toxic gases which are released during manufacturing processes, we aim to increase the wellbeing of our customer’s employees, particularly in construction materials. Our lignins have proven non-cytotoxicity

Gender Quality

Gender equality

LignoPure’s founding team is two-thirds female and half of members of our advisory board are women. Our goal is to incentivize and promote the involvement of female professionals in our company in the areas of engineering, product development, and administration.

Decent work and economic growth

Decent work and economic growth

We aim to increase growth, focusing on bioeconomy, and improving a safe and rewarding working environment for employees. This will be achieved by constantly aligning our business to EU policies concerning the circular and biobased economy.

Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption and production

LignoPure’s current focus on sustainable materials and the circular economy will develop towards solutions which are not only renewable but also fully recyclable, prioritizing efforts to design efficient end-of-live disposal for our customers.

Climate Action

Climate action

We aim to reduce the total CO2 emissions of the lignin-based products by 40% to 80% while pushing the proportion of fossil-fuel-based materials in certain products down to 0% in order to mitigate climate change.

Life below water

Life below water

With our current development “lignopearls” – 100% biobased and biodegradable microbeads for cosmetics – we aim to protect marine life and coral reefs from the damage caused by microplastics. Efforts are already being made in this area with our partner ABInBev.