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Application platform

LignoPure has established a development platform for lignin-based alternatives in the material science field. The purpose is to create drop-in solutions that allow our clients to increase the sustainability of their portfolio while replacing fossil-based materials in their composites, coatings, resins, and many others.

Lignin scouting:
we select the best raw lignin according to the application standards and requirements.
Lignin tailoring:
using our protected transformation processes we create the microparticles that would conform your novel material.
Lignin-based product development:
we formulate the material and design a drop in production process.
Prototype delivery
we generate a prototype that can be tested and evaluated for the end application.
Feasibility and lifecycle analysis
according to the final product we perform analytics to determine feasibility of the application and life cycle of the material or final product.

Wide range of lignin-based products

Functionalities of lignin-based alternatives

Suitable for diverse manufacturing processes

End user applications

Interested in increasing the sustainability of
your plastic based product?