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Lignopure Lignin, the polymer behind plants’ protection and strength. Portfolio Contact us Tree We translate lignin’s natural properties from the plant to biobased products. Portfolio Contact us Tree Discover the functionalities behind the second most abundant biopolymer. Portfolio Contact us

Our value promise

Responsible consumption

Pioneering use of lignin for care products, food ingredients, and biobased fabrics.

Functional lignin-based material alternatives.

How we do it

How we do it

We transform raw lignin into valuable materials and intermediary products.

With our proprietary technology to tailor lignin particles and  know-how we create formulations of
novel lignin based-products.

Our contribution to sustainability

Sustainable development GOALS

Who we are

LignoPure is a spin-off of the Hamburg University of Technology founded and led by an international team based in Germany.


Joana Gil


Inspired by biobased products to create a sustainable future where renewables have a global impact.

Wienke Reynolds

Dr. Wienke Reynolds


Driven by innovative lignin processing and “outside of the box" applications.


Stefan Boersting


Passionate about process optimization and sustainable solutions.

Daniela Arango

Daniela Arango

Business Development

Determined to create value out of sustainability, paving lignin’s path into innovative applications.

Awards and competitions



Prof. I. Smirnova

Prof. I. Smirnova

- Head of TVT-institute ,TUHH
- Our greatest supporter

Carsten Zetzl

Dr. Carsten Zetzl

- Researcher at TVT-institute, TUHH
- Expertise in biomass treatment (25+ years)
- Public-private projects
- CEO of BioMP

Robert Meyer

Dr. Robert Meyer

- Material science expert
- Leader of material production and quality testing at ITMC, UHH
- Pioneer in lignin for porous materials


Veronika Reichboth

Veronika Reichboth

- Head of startup unit HIW Hamburg Invest
- Future Hamburg Award


Florian Heinemann

- Experienced leader of international projects (McKinsey)
- Head of industrial operations at Siemens Gamesa

Ruth Donners

Ruth Donners

- Venture Developer Manager at DSM
- Licensing and intellectual property

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Partners and supporters

News from our blog

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Garz und Fricke 2020

11.02.2020: Start-up meets Grown-up

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